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Art Publishing was established in 1982, with the aim of publishing and developing teaching methods in musical education. Since 1997, Art has become a company called GSR Art Ltd.

The founder of the establishment and author of the books it published, is the composer, music arranger and educator Shlomo Goldstein. The author bases his work on musical education on his many years of teaching and educating in Israeli schools with students of all ages, as a teacher in elementary and high school, and as a teacher and lecturer at the Music Teachers College in Tel Aviv, the Beit Berl College and a lecturer in music and movement at the Wingate Institute. For a decade Shlomo Goldstein served as a musical instructor at the America-Israel Cultural Foundation and was involved in musical education for youth in distress, and in need.

For many years Shlomo Goldstein served as choir conductor and flute, accordion and piano teacher. Currently, he serves as an expert lecturer on behalf of the Ministry of Education.